Hundreds of meat eating fish that are usually only found in China are living in a pond in Maryland, where a pet owner dumped them. There?s concern these will continue to multiply until they wipe out the native species of fish. The Snakehead grows to be 3 feet long and has a big appetite. If they can?t find enough other fish to eat, they can climb out of the water and walk short distances on land using their fins in order to find food.

Although the pet owner released the fish into the pond two years ago, they weren?t discovered until this may, when a fisherman caught a strange-looking fish he didn?t recognize and photographed it. No charges can be filed against the pet owner, because the statute of limitations has expired. Capt. Mark Sanders of the Maryland Natural Resources police says, “They outgrew the capability of his care, so the individual chose to release them into what he felt was a safe environment.”

So far, the Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Service has caught 99 of them by using electroshock to stun them, so they float to the surface of the water. Agency spokesman John Surrick says, “We’ve said all along that if there are juveniles in there, there would be hundreds or thousands of them.”

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