NASA may be planning to capture an asteroid and drag it into the moon’s orbit, giving the Moon a moon of its own.

The mission would cost about $2.6 billion–slightly more than NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover–and it would take about six to 10 years to complete the mission.

But why do it?

What NASA really wants to do is to send astronauts to a nearby asteroid, but this would expose them to long-term radiation beyond the earth’s protective magnetic field –so why not bring the asteroid to them? If we establish a base on the moon, it would be a short trip to reach it.

We’d have been doing this sort of thing decades ago if the parents of the child who would have solved the secret of gravity hadn’t died in a concentration camp–that’s what the Master of the Key told Whitley, anyway. He told him lots of other fascinating things too, and when he checked them out, he discovered they were all TRUE!

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