It turns out that the manufacturer of a dirty bomb will probably be killed long before he gets a chance to detonate it. This means that a dirty bomb may be more of a threat than a reality.

Getting the radioactive material together and making it into a bomb is a lethal occupation. To make an effective bomb, you need a lot of radioactive material. This means you need to shield it so it doesn?t kill you first. But a shield that would protect you against enough radioactive material to make an effective bomb would be too heavy to move, so you would have to detonate the bomb at the same place you built it. If a bomb maker didn?t use a shield, it would mean almost instant death from radiation poisoning.

This why only Iraq?run by the fanatic and irrational Saddam Hussein?has tried (and failed) to make a dirty bomb.

Nuclear weapons expert Gary Milhollin says, “The Pentagon has decided that radiation bombs are not militarily effective because no one’s been able to figure out a way to take radioactivity intense enough to hurt people and transport it somewhere and make a bomb out of it. It’s that simple.”

What did the FBI know and when did they know it? To find out, read ?The Bureau: The Secret History of the FBI? by Ronald Kessler, who will be on this Saturday?s Dreamland, click here.

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