The nation of Brazil is relaxing its policy of UFO secrecy.It is the first among a number of countries known to beconsidering the idea of abandoning the secrecy mandate thathas been in place worldwide since the phenomenon first beganto be publicly known nearly fifty years ago.

A.J. Gevaerd of the Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchersreports that a number of important files have just beenreleased, including a folder containing documents from 1977that cover dozens of cases of UFOs in the Amazon with over100 pictures made during Operation Saucer, an officialBrazilian military investigation that was carried outbetween September and December, 1977.

This change in policy means that one of the countries withthe most extensive amount of UFO activity is now going toshare its previously secret knowledge with the public. Toread Mr. Gevaerd’s statement, click on full story.

A. J. Gevaerd writes:

Friday, May 20, was a historic day for Ufology in Brazil andin the world as the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), for the veryfirst time in its history, officially receives a committeeof top UFO researchers to openly discuss sightings in thecountry and fully exam classified UFO documents in severalmilitary facilities in Brasilia, the Federal Capital.

By doing this very important step, Brazilian Air Force (FAB)has placed Brazil in a very short list of countries whosemilitaries acknowledge the Ufology as a serious activity andsignificative effort to fully understand the nature andorigin of UFOs. ?We want to have all info on the subject,that is withheld by us for some decades, fully released topublic, through the UFO community?, declared brigadierTelles Ribeiro, chief of Brazilian Air Force CommunicationCenter.

The Brazilian Government, through the Brazilian Air Force,has finally decided to come forward and recognize the UFOresearch as a genuine activity as a direct result of theintense pressure made by the campaign UFOs: Freedom ofInformation Now, a movement started by the Brazilian UFOMagazine in April 2004. The campaign was launched by theBrazilian Committee of UFO Researchers (CBU), composed of 6UFO civilian researchers: Claudeir Covo, Marco Petit, RafaelCury, Reginaldo de Athayde, Fernando Ramalho and A. J.Gevaerd (Athayde was sick an replaced by new interim memberveteran UFO researcher Roberto Affonso Back)

Details of the campaign both in Portuguese and in Englishcan be consulted at: and

The approach of the Brazilian military by the CBU committeestarted last February, ten months after the campaign begun,with a phone call from a Brazilian Air Force spokesman,major Antonio Lorenzo, and a formal invitation to a visitand a chat in some Air Force headquarters in Brasilia. MajorLorenzo fully recognized the UFO researchers? efforts inthis field and provided a few details of what kind ofreserved files and procedures the Brazilian Air Force (FAB)has about the UFO Phenomena and its detection, recording andinvestigation in the country.

Two meeting between the civilian UFO researchers and themilitary took place last Friday, May 20, and firstlyhappened in the headquarters of the Integrated Center of AirDefense and Air Traffic Control (Centro Integrado de DefesaA

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