The California snowpack is 71% below normal, meaning that there will be drought and more forest fires in the near future.

California Dept. of Water Resources director Lester Snow says, “There is no question that these snowpack results indicate the need for conservation and more water storage.” Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says, “We desperately need above the ground water storage to accommodate future growth and for flood control. California’s population is going to increase by approximately 30% over the next 20 years. That is an equivalent of adding three cities the size of Los Angeles?We also need additional storage because scientists say that global warming will eliminate 25% of our snowpack by the half of this century, which will mean less snow stored in the mountains, which will mean more flooding in the winter and less drinking water in the summer.”

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One way to understand what the future may bring is to investigate the mysteries of the past, such as the enduring mystery of Cygnus.

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