A fragment of 99.9% pure silica said to have come from the Roswell crash has been proved to be of manufactured origin. Earlier tests have shown that the material is coated with a thin film of metals that display non-earth isotopic ratios, meaning that their origin is almost certainly another planet.

The new study, using a sophisticated instrument to measure and extrapolate the curvatures of the intact surface of the material, has revealed that it was a curved lip or leading edge about five inches thick. The back side of the object is extremely flat, suggesting that it was once placed in some kind of structure.

What its function may have been, or where it might have been used, is unknown. However, it is unlikely to have been the leading edge of a wing, because it is too brittle.

It could have been used to conduct heat or cold from one area of an object to another, or for an unknown purpose. The possible reason that it is coated with a thin film of metals is entirely unknown.

This object is almost proved to be something manufactured on another planet. But the extraordinary nature of this claim mandates further testing, including replications of all previous tests. Some of this testing is under way right now.

All results are to be presented during the world’s first internet UFO conference, to be held starting at 7PM on May 12, 2001. Participation is $9.99, and Whitley Strieber is contributing a portion of his fee and earnings from the conference to further testing of the fragment.

It is important to join the conference early, as signups have been heavy and bandwith is limited. To learn more, click here.

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