When a Canadian cow recently tested positive for Mad Cow Disease, meat producers began quarantining and testing their beef. Now the FDA has announced that part of the affected cow may have been used to make dog food that was shipped to the U.S.

There’s no scientific evidence that dogs can Mad Cow or transmit it to humans. However, deer and elk do get a form of the disease, and do transmit it to humans who eat the meat of diseased animals.

The dry dog food was made by Champion Pet Food of Canada and distributed in the U.S. by Pet Pantry, in Nevada. It was put into 50 pound bags and sold by home delivery only, so it won’t turn up in stores. The dog food is called “Maintenance Diet” and has a label with a use-by date of Feb. 17, 2004 and “Beef with Barley” with a date of March 5, 2004.

If you find any of this dog food, don’t discard it, but call the company for pickup, since they want to account for the entire batch.

These mistakes wouldn’t happen if people would learn to listen.

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