The Kirin Brewery Company in Japan has produced a genetically-engineered cow that is immune to Mad Cow Disease because it carries none of the prions that cause the disease. The animal hasn’t been born yet, but it will not be used to produce a species of Mad Cow free cows; instead, it will be used for medical research. A Kirin official says, “Because there are ethical issues involving gene recombination, we have no intention of disclosing the technology. We never do any gene recombination to produce anything that can be eaten.”

“This appears to be good news for livestock producers, but I think it will take a long time before cows immune to BSE can be produced on a large scale,” says Soichi Kagawa of the Japan Livestock Industry Association. “I think there will be a patent issue that could make it difficult for livestock producers to use that technology.” In other words, cows that are immune to Mad Cow Disease may be too expensive to produce because Kirin holds the patent.

Are religious experiences real? Randall Sullivan might have said no at one time, but that was before he went to the village of Medjugorje in the former Yugoslavia, where the Virgin appeared to six young people in 1981?and actually stayed with one of the witnesses! Learn about his spiritual transformation on this week’s Mysterious Powers.

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