This week on Dreamland, we interview author and adventurer Graham Hancock, whose new book Supernatural takes us back to the wisdom of the prehistoric world. A recent fossil find reminds us of how mysterious that world still is.

Scientists in Ethiopia have discovered the fossilized remains of a child who lived 3.3 million years ago who they have named “Selam,” which means “peace” in the local language. Selam and another fossil found in the same area called “Lucy,” who may be her mother, could be the “missing links” between chimpanzees and humans.

Selam had a lower body that was human-like and she walked upright on two legs, but her upper body was closer to that of a chimpanzee, with long arms that allowed her to swing from trees like a chimp.

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Evolution, as seen in these two examples of proto-humans, does not always happen at a steady pace?sometimes it mysteriously speeds up or slows down. Pressure from global warming could be one of the things that does this.

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