NASA – Global warming may lead to a lopsided planet, if the extrarain and snow which are depicted in the film The Day AfterTomorrow lead to more ice in the South Pole, while the NorthPole melts due to hotter weather.

Robert Roy Britt writes in the NASA website livescience.comthat researcher Dylan Powell and his colleagues are tryingto figure out if this will happen by studying satellitedata, in order to determine how much snow is currently lyingon top of sea ice. Climatologists now know that the weather inthe Arctic and Antarctic has a major effect on the climateof the more moderate regions where most of us live.

Polar sea ice formation drives the large ocean circulationcurrent known as the Gulf Stream, which affects your localclimate. The warmer world that’s coming in the future, dueto the effects of greenhouse gas emissions today, will leadto more rain and snow in some places. In Antarctica, theextra precipitation will create deeper snow, which willcause the ice below the snow to become thicker. This meansthat earlier reports of melting glaciers in Antarctica arenot true.

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