In a laboratory in San Diego, a team of chemists and biologists are trying to create life in a test tube filled with liquid. Scientists don’t all agree on what the definition of life is, but they DO agree that it must have the ability to evolve and adapt. This gives us an idea of how to recognize life if should find it on another planet.

In the July 28th edition of the New York Times, Dennis Overbye quotes NASA researcher Chris McKay as saying, "Everything we know about life is based on studies of life on Earth." He quotes researcher Gerald F. Joyce as saying, "Evolution is not a theory for us chemists. It’s what molecules do when they have the property to replicate and transmit information from parents to progeny.

"It drives me crazy when astronomers say, ‘Surely the universe is pregnant with life.’ If we have an Earthlike planet, what are the chances of life arising? Is it one in a million? Is it one in two? I don’t see how you can say. (But) if you had a second example of life, even if it were synthetic, you might know better. I’m betting we’re just going to make it."

Lots of people in the UFO community KNOW that there’s life somewhere else–either on another planet or another parallel universe–because they’ve MET these beings. Anne Strieber has recorded twelve very special interviews with these people and you can listen to them all if you subscribe today!

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