Kim Bredesen writes in the July 1st Norwegian edition of the French newspaper Le Monde Diplomatique that the 911 twin towers collapse may have been a case of controlled demolition, as well as an attack that we knew about long before it happened but for some reason, did not act in time to prevent. Did the government want an excuse to invade Iraq so that it could put the Patriot Act into place, a suspension of the Constitution which Congress would only have been done during a time of war?

Bredesen talks about an earlier incident that is making Europeans suspicious about US motives in Iraq. She writes, “America’s most senior military leader in 1962 devised a plan for a premeditated attack on Americans, which would have involved shooting down a passenger plane, so that the blame could be cast on Cuba?Many also believe that Pakistani intelligence cooperated with the CIA and Al-Qaeda because the former transferred significant sums of money to the hijacker Mohammed Atta in the days leading up to the 11th of September. They even had Bin Laden under surveillance during the time of his treatment in a military hospital in Peshawar, Pakistan in September 2001.”

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David Ray Griffin, who is quoted in Bredesen’s article, has been on Dreamland radio and subscribers can still listen to this dynamite interview, as well as to our conspiracy specialist Jim Marrs talking about what’s wrong with the government explanation about what happened on 911.

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