A prominent UFO investigator is claiming that open contact willsoon take place between humans and extraterrestrials. Suchclaims have been made regularly since the 1950s, but neverwith any actual results, and never before by an investigatorwith a reputation for accurate research. Jan Val Ellam, aBrazilian UFOinvestigator claims that the open appearance of UFOsworldwide should take place any time between November 16,2006 and April 30, 2007. Today is the first day of thecontact period, and there is a high level of interest withinthe Brazilian UFO community, with many members in a virtualcountdown waiting for the event.

The event is not supposed to be an actual direct meeting,but rather take the form of a series of extensive UFOappearances over major cities worldwide that will destroythe culture of denial that has been generated on earth,primarily by the United States government. It will lead,later, to open contact, and during the ‘display’ period,some individuals will be able to interact with the visitors,to spread the message of what the next phase will entail.

Jan Val Ellam is the pseudonym of the Rogerio de AlmeidaFreitas, a Brazilian business executive. He is highlyregarded in Brazilian UFO circles, and has 15 bookspublished in the field and gives hundreds of lectures on thetopic. He has never made outlandish claims about the subjectin the past, but there is obviously no way of knowingwhether or not he is correct in this matter. Only time willtell.

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