Could Nevada or California experience a tsunami as bad asthe one that struck Indonesia in December? Evidence showsthat approximately every 3,000 years, the seismic faultsunderneath Lake Tahoe produce an earthquake with the powerto push the ground up or down by 10 feet or more. Scientistsare trying to figure out when the last one happened, so theycan predict when it will happen again.

When geophysicist Graham Kent dug through the sediments atthe bottom of the lake down to the bedrock underneath, hefound evidence of three major faults that extend beyond thelake, onto the land. This means a major quake in the areamay some day generate a tsunami three stories tall.

Near the local elementary school, there’s a 30 foot highthat was created by past quakes. Scientists have dug a deeptrench there in order to count the rings of the remains oftrees that can be found there, in order to determine whenthe last quake occurred. Kent thinks it happened between afew thousand and 20,000 years ago, meaning that a newquake?and the ensuing tsunami?is long overdue.

Are some things accidents?or are they preordained? To getthe answer, simply ask one of theTreasuresfrom Heaven.

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