Or least say goodbye to that dreaded drill. Dentists in the U.K. have started using a new treatment which does away with the need for injections, drilling and fillings. The treatment, called Healozone, uses a blast of ozone gas to kill bacteria. This painless procedure allows saliva to repair damaged teeth naturally.

During the procedure, a rubber cap is fitted on the tooth and ozone gas is applied through the air-tight seal created by the cap. Within 10 and 40 seconds, the gas eliminates all of the acid-producing bacteria in the tooth, which allows the mineral content of saliva to repair the tooth over time.

The technique was developed by Professor Edward Lynch of Queens University in Northern Ireland, and dentists in the U.K. have started to offer the treatment to their patients. Dr. Peter Murray says, “There are a lot of things that put people off going to the dentist — the injections, the sound of the drill, the feel of the drill or even the smell generated when drilling a tooth. In time, I believe ozone will completely replace the traditional tools of dentistry when it comes to treating decay and in doing so will eliminate the ‘fear factor’ the public associate with a visit to the dentist.”

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