No, there was never a giant gorilla. In fact, these days, there can’t even be an undiscovered island. With today’s modern satellites and G.P.S. technology, it’s impossible for a body of land to exist that we don’t already know about. But the period details of the original 1933 film have been recreated with great authenticity and these are historically accurate.

Art historian Matthew Wilson, who consulted on the film, says, “I worked with [director Peter Jackson and his design team] for four to five months, basically gathering much photographic and architectural research. One of the first assignments I had was a taxicab. But they didn’t want just any old taxicab. They wanted one that was in service back in 1933. They wanted such things as what did a driver’s license badge look like, and what did everything look like involving that taxi ride. They even wanted the mixture of paint that was used on the cab.

“They held two principles, which I believe were important. One was to shoot the film as a period piece, the other was to film this event as though it really happened in 1933. Firstly, Peter Jackson rightly pointed out that the early part of the 20th century is the last time one could believably conceive that an uncharted island could exist. With GPS, satellite photography, and exploration, it is hardly possible that such a discovery could be made today. So the time period became very important as a window into the mythology of Kong.

“Kong is a God, similar to the animistic deities in many hunter/gatherer cultures?such as Paleolithic, Native American, African, etc. Kong represented another order of reality?one which existed here in our modern world?on an undiscovered mysterious island lost in time. On this island were dinosaurs and other fantastical creatures, but it was Kong who was worshipped as a deity.”

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