On December 9, 1965, a strange object streaked overKecksburg, Pennsylvania and went down in nearby woods. Overthe course of the night, witnesses observed the object beingremoved, but no witness had ever come forward who saw thecrash itself. Now HbccUFO directorBrian Vike has interviewed a witness who came upon theobject in the woods moments after it crashed.

The witness observed it with a flashlight he was using tohunt raccoons. Vike reports, “With his light, he tried tosee if there was any kind of opening or identifying markingson it, but saw a metal band about one foot up from the base.He could clearly see some kind of drawings or lettering onthe band. It was maybe two inches wide. Still looking at thelettering or figures, to him they made no sense or were notany written language he had seen before. He said there werea series of dots, swirls, triangular shapes and some lookedlike crosses with two lateral lines running across them.”

This is the most clear description of this object everreported. To read Brian Vike’s full report, go to ourInsightsection.

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