Reporter Leslie Kean talks to subscribers on this week’s Dreamland about her lawsuit, along with the Sci Fi Channel, that demands to see government documents about the UFO sighting in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania in 1965, when residents saw a fireball descend into a heavily-forested area. The area was cordoned off by the military, and the town was briefly placed under martial law.

Kean says, “A lot of people have said that the object might have been this Russian probe called Cosmos 96, which is known to have come down over Canada early in the morning of the day that the Kecksburg incident took place. I was able to eliminate that possibility by talking to the chief scientist for orbital debris at the NASA Johnson Space Center. His name is Nicholas Johnson, and he’s one of the leading experts in the world on orbital debris and on the Russian space system.”

Johnson told her there was “no way that any debris from Cosmos 96 could have landed in Pennsylvania” and that “no other manmade object from any country came down that day.” A Kecksburg forestry expert from West Virginia University discovered growth patterns and core damage to trees that support a “traumatic event” in 1965.

In the Washington Post, Michael Learmonth quotes Bonnie Hammer, president of the Sci Fi Channel, as saying, “Now, one year later (after their Freedom of Information request), despite a serious effort to uncover the facts, NASA and the Department of Defense are still maintaining their wall of silence. Whether or not this has anything to do with UFOs the public has the right to know.” Their attorney Lee Helfrich will be suing NASA for the information.

The results of their investigation so far will be shown in a Sci Fi Channel documentary on Friday, Oct. 24, called “The New Roswell: Kecksburg Exposed.”

Brave reporters like Kean are working hard to unlock the secrets about UFOs.

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