John Hogue,who presents his prophecies this week onDreamland(and also has a fascinating conversation forsubscribers withWilliamHenry), recently sent out a newsletter talking about hispredictions for 2006. John writes that, “A clear sense ofthe spirit defining a decade often manifests in its latterhalf.”

“The 1960s didn’t fully achieve their tumultuousquintessence of free love, pop music revolution, hippies,psychotropic drugs, eastern gurus, civil rights protests norgain the full measure ofits tone of social experimentation and upheaval until after1965. Forty years later the ’00’ decade has taken its timerevving up to its place in history. It will come out of thegates in 2006 defining itself as the ‘uh-oh!’ decade.” Hesees global crisis ahead when it comes to war, the economyor politics?possibly all three.

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