A new, digital copy of the audio tape of the assassinationof John F Kennedy will prove, once and for all, whetherkiller Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone because it will finallyestablish how many shots were fired.

Scientists are making the first digital copy of the originaltape, which hasn’t been played or copied since 1990, becauseit’s too fragile. The sounds were caught by the radio on anearby police motorcycle, and recorded on a plasticDictaphone belt at police headquarters. The digital copywill take about a year to complete.

In 1979 the Congress House Select Committee onAssassinations said four shots could be heard on the tape,and they appeared to come from two different locations. Theyconcluded that Oswald probably did not act alone. Thisrecording was not been used by the Warren Commission, whichconcluded that Oswald was the lone gunman.

However, the four shots cannot be distinguished separatelyby listening to the tape at regular speed, which caused thecommittee’s report to be called “seriously flawed” by theNational Academy of Sciences.

Leslie Waffen, of the National Archives, believes digitalanalysis will remove the background noises and reveal howmany of the sounds are gunshots. He says, “This is big.That’s why we called the experts in.”

Gary Mack, of the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, says,”People want to know. The Warren Commission said it was oneguy. The House committee said it was Oswald and someoneelse. There hasn’t been any resolution.”

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