While most UFOs appear to be metallic disks or boomerang shapes, there are consistent worldwide reports of “jellyfish-like” objects seen in the sky. Adrian Dalton, of Daventry in the U.K., says, “They were like two brown jellyfish in the sky, they looked like they were swimming and I had not taken any drugs.”

The UFOs were brown with a dark brown center. The same night Dalton had his sighting, a cameraman shot tape of the same UFOs in the night sky in Worcestershire. Dalton says,” I have been interested in these objects for 15 years but for the past few days I have been trying to come to terms with what I’ve seen. They were fascinating. It’s an infinite universe, we’re not the only life and it’s pretty egotistical to think we are.”

A woman from Crick had a sighting in June, when she was out walking. She saw an airplane with a lozenge-shaped object above it which was going fast enough to keep up with the plane. When she looked again, it was underneath the plane, then it quickly shot off in the opposite direction.

The general media lives in a vacuum about the unknown. What they don’t know is that this has happened before. Here’s a description of a 1995 event witnessed by an Unknowncountry.com reader:

Monday August 21, 1995 approx. 1:30 PM CST Iowa City, IA, USA A transparent floating object resembling a jellyfish and a white disk shaped object were sighted by my grandson and I. We both were looking up at the sky as I began to explain to him what lay above all of that blue sky above us. A transparent shimmering object began descending approximately 15 feet to the east of where we were sitting facing north east on my backyard landscape timbers. I had been watching the object descend for a few seconds when my grandson asked me, “Papa, what’s that?” I did not answer him as I watched the shimmering transparent object drop to what I would estimate to be an altitude of 150 feet.

At first I thought that the object was a transparent plastic parachute. The object was fluttering just like I had seen jellyfish do in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The object had what looked to be chords hanging down from under its transparent circular body. The chords were motionless. There was little to no wind at ground level where we now stood. The sky directly above us was bright blue with no clouds. Cirrus clouds were scattered about the skies, but not above where we stood looking at this transparent hovering object. As my grandson and I took a few more steps towards the spot where I thought it was going to land, I noticed a white disk shaped object hovering motionless higher and directly above the transparent object that now began gently descending ever closer to where my grandson and I were standing. As I called more my wife and daughter to come, the transparent object and the distant white disk both streaked south and were gone leaving me and my grandson pointing at a now empty sky.

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