As of 10PM EDT, Hurricane Jeanne slammed ashore just southof Fort Pierce Florida as a Category 3 storm, onapproximately the same path as Frances, which struck thearea three weeks ago. However, Jeanne is a much strongerstorm than Frances and three million Floridians have beenordered to evacuate the area. Most have ignored this warning.

More than a million utility customers are expected to losepower,and its restoration could take three weeks to a month, dueto the fact that damage from previous storms has not yetbeen repaired.

The landfall of a fourth hurricane in Florida is an event almostunprecedented in recorded weatherhistory, but not unexpected due to the storm-strengtheningeffects of global warming, which have been ignored by the USand most world governments, and denied by many in the media.The last time four hurricanes struck a single state in asingle season was when Texas was hit by four such storms in1886.

On Saturday, the stormsmashed into the northern Bahamas, “relentlessly” batteringthe islands, according to NOAA.

On its present track and at its present strength and speed,this stormhas the capability to cross Florida and reform in the Gulfof Mexico, once again threatening the Gulf Coast, but NOAAprojections currently show it moving up through Georgia.

Meanwhile, a new tropical storm has formed in the SouthAtlantic. Named Lisa, it is centered about 780 miles west ofthe Cape Verde Islands, and is moving west at about 12 milesan hour. It is expected to strengthen, but, at this time, isnot projected to make landfall.

Jeanne, like the other hurricanes that have approachedFlorida thisseason, was intensified as it came close to the coast byhigher than normal water temperatures. Water temperaturesare high because the lower atmosphere cannot radiate heat,because it contains too much carbon dioxide. This means thatthe upper atmosphere is getting much colder. The increasedtemperature difference makes for stronger storms.

It would not be difficult to reduce Carbon Dioxide emissionson a massive scale. All it takes is public awareness, andthat depends on political leadership and honesty in themedia, both of which have been lacking.

For NOAA updates on Jeanne,clickhere. Be SURE to refresh your browser to make certain youreceive the latest update.

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