Japan is ready to launch a pre-emptive strike on North Korea if it believes it will launch missiles against it. Defense Minister Shigeru Ishiba says, “It is too late if [a missile] flies towards Japan. Our nation will use military force as a self-defense measure if [North Korea] starts to resort to arms against Japan.” Since Japan?s postwar constitution forbids military aggression, they would only attack North Korea in self-defense, using the same logic that underlies our possible attack on Iraq.

North Korea has issued warnings that it is prepared to strike against U.S. allies in the region, and these would most likely be South Korea and Japan. It would be too dangerous to send nukes to the south, since the radiation could also contaminate North Korea. U.S. forces in Japan include 45,000 troops and part of the Seventh Fleet. In 1998, North Korea test-fired a Taepodong-1 missile over Japan which landed in the Pacific.

If war comes, it will change the way we see the world, and this will change us, as well.

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