UPDATE! – On January 8, over 200 people observed a huge, silent UFOover Stephenville and Dublin, Texas, including one witness, Ricky Sorrells, who saw it before sunset. Sorrells was interviewed by science reporter Linda Howe on Dreamland. UPDATE: KJCT TV in Colorado reports that on January 26 around 7 pm, strange lights were reported around the Grand Valley. Witnesses saw white lights and other UFOs with blue, red and green lights that hovered in the sky for hours.

In Texas, the US Air Force at first said that they had no planes in the area at the time, even though witnesses said they heard and saw jets chasing the UFO. Now, however, the Air Force has backtracked and is claiming that they had jets in the air, and the jets were the explanation for the enormous, silent object that moved across the area. Apparently it was a busy night in Texas for the Air Force, because UFOs were reported in other areas as well, part of a month-long siege of UFO sightings across the United States.

Also on January 8, witnesses reported seeing a large-cigarshaped UFO over San Antonio, Texas, and there were reportsfrom Victoria and Corpus Christi as well. All of the objectswere described as "silent," as was the Stephenville UFO. OnJanuary 10, an object was sighted near Eastland, Texas.

These were not the only American sightings in January. Onthe night of January 2nd, UFOs were observed in San Diegoand Claremont, California, and the Claremont objects werevideotaped.

Universally, witnesses reported that the lights were silentand moving moving fast. In some cases, such as Stephenville,jets were subsequently observed in the area. Unless theseobjects represent secret military hardware, they remainunexplained. They were not ordinary USAF jets, and the mediaremainedskepticalof Air Force claims.

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