Israel has greater military capabilities than it did during the Gulf War, and will certainly retaliate against any Iraqi missile strike on them during our war against Iraq. This could complicate and length the war. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon says he won’t be bound to restraint if Iraq fires weapons of mass destruction against Israel.

Max Abrahms, of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, says, “Improvements in Israeli air- and space-based intelligence-gathering and long-range strike capabilities have increased Israel’s ability to act against Iraq, independent of U.S. assistance. For example, the Ofek-5 reconnaissance satellite’s high-resolution photos may allow Israel to locate and strike high-value targets in Iraq without significant U.S. intelligence sharing.”

The U.S. Air Force may have to share identification friend or foe [IFF] codes with the Israeli military in order to avoid U.S. fighter-jets from mistaking approaching Israeli aircraft for enemy warplanes. During the 1991 war, the United States refused to provide Israel with IFF codes, so they could not respond to Iraq’s firing of 42 missiles. The U.S. military also refused to clear specific areas of Iraqi airspace, which would have allowed them Israel to mount a military operation against Iraq. The Bush administration has offered Israel a $14 billion aid package if they agree not to respond to any Iraqi missile attack.

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