From time to time we have reported on new weapons technology and have even interviewed experts on this subject on Dreamland. We have also reported on one of the mysteries of the crop circles that scientific researchers have discovered: that the “real” designs?the ones not created by manually crushing the crop?are made with sudden blasts of heat from an unknown device. Now it seems as if a similar device is being used as a weapon by the Israelis in the current fighting in Gaza.

The Independent reports that doctors in the Gaza strip are seeing unexplained injuries among dead and wounded Palestinians, and the World Health Organization (WHO) may start an investigation into whether the Israel army is using a new type of weapon. They are treating patients whose skin has been burned completely off, “down to the bones,” and whose organs have ruptured, DESPITE THE FACT THAT THERE ARE NO GUNFIRE WOUNDS on the outsides of their bodies. Israel says that all its weapons and ammunition are legal under international law.

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