And a new Whitley’s Journal talks about aliens he has met! – The British Ministry of Defense has once again released a series of UFO files. Many of them are easily explainable sightings, but not all. One, a close encounter discussed by Whitley Strieber in his new journal, involves the appearance of a “nordic” alien, a form familiar to UFO investigators. Another striking story involves a diamond shaped UFO which was photographed in Scotland in 1990 with a Harrier jet hovering nearby. Internal discussions at the Ministry of Defense centered around the origin of the Harrier, which officials could not explain, and whether or not the device was a US spy plane of some kind. No record has been released of the inquiry that MoD made to the US about the object, but the fact that the picture has been released suggests that they were told that it was not a classified US device. If so, then it becomes all but impossible to continue to claim that we are not being visited by some sort of secretive intelligence of unknown origin. And the presence of a jet near the ship suggests some kind of involvement on our part as well. The infamous Cash-Landrum case, which took place near Houston on December 29, 1980 involved the close approach of a diamond-shaped UFO belching flames and surrounded by helicopters. The witnesses were left with symptoms of radiation burns, but a lawsuit filed against the US government was dismissed on the grounds that the US Air Force said it had no idea where the helicopters had come from, and the witnesses could not establish their origin. In 2002, “UFO hacker” Gary McKinnon claimed that he had seen documents on NASA computers referrring to “non-terrestrial officers,” “fleet-to-fleet transfers” and the names of ships that appeared to be non-terrestrial. Do things like the presence of jets and helicopters near diamond-shaped UFOs and documents such as the ones McKinnon claims to have seen mean that there is some sort of extensive but secret involvement between human beings and extraterrestrial visitors. If so, by releasing this particular document, it would appear that the British Ministry of Defense is abandoning the coverup. This month, an apparent huge UFO was photographed by the space shuttle, in what seems to have been a close encounter. There is extensive UFO footage from shuttle missions, but so far NASA has never commented.

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