The operator of the Fukushima nuclear plant has been dumping almost a thousand tons per DAY of radioactive water into the Pacific ocean. Will the Pacific ocean dilute this enough so that it’s harmless once it reaches our shores? And what about the debris that it’s bringing along with it?

In April, a Congressional report stated that, "Scientists have stated that radiation in the ocean very quickly becomes diluted and would not be a problem beyond the coast of Japan. US fisheries are unlikely to be affected because radioactive material that enters the marine environment would be greatly diluted before reaching US fishing grounds." But are they telling us the truth? (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this provocative show).

The truth is, we really don’t know, but we DO know that an island of Japanese debris the size of California is aiming for the West Coast of the US, and some of it is radioactive.

Washington’s Blog quotes oceanographer Luca Centurioni as saying, "All this debris will find a way to reach the West coast or stop in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch," which is a swirling mass of concentrated marine litter in the Pacific Ocean.

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