This week’s Dreamland guest, Starfire Tor, has amassed years of evidence that suggest that she may be a time traveler from the future. Modern physics says that time travel is by no means impossible. If the future has become able to do this, it could be sending people back to its own past, which would be our present. Whitley thinks that the Master of the Key may have been such a person.

Magician Brandon Scott, who has time traveled with Starfire, will be on Coast to Coast AM on Wednesday, May 10.

In her interview on Dreamland, she remembers speaking the language of the birds. Time travelers would have only the most sketchy memories of their future lives, but would have an uncanny ability to anticipate events, just as the carefully documented life of Starfire Tor suggests. Is Starfire the real thing? Listen to this week’s remarkable edition of Dreamland and make up YOUR OWN mind. We guarantee this: you will never forget Starfire Tor and her extraordinary stories. If you love what you read and hear on, SUPPORT US: subscribe today. And show your colors!

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