Persistent stories out of India indicate that somethingextraordinary is happening there involving UFOs. An Indianengineer working on antigravity propulsion has describedstudying advanced technology in “package” form–technologiesready made to be analyzed and duplicated. But where are theyfrom?

Since October 10, everyone from members of the IndianMilitary to young children have reported seeing multipleUFOs of all shapes and sizes near the high altitude glaciersin the Tarai region of India, about 40 kilometers (25 miles)from the Chinese border. Indian Air Force pilots in theregion have complained of unexplained instrument jamming andspotting the objects in the air during flight. Even aBuddhist monk, apparently not surprised by the activity,claims that the UFOs have been in the area since 1998.

Sumit Chatterjee reports that despite the military?s usualtight lipped response on account of national security, someofficials have responded bluntly and confirmed the presenceof UFOs in the area. Indian ufologists suspect that theflurry of activity is related to the local rumor that beingsfrom Sirius will land in the area within the next sevenyears, though not reveal themselves until 2012.

The Indian-Chinese border has recently been overcome withmilitary activity, though it is unclear whether it isrelated to the increase in sightings. Chinese tanks werereportedly sent to investigate an artificial lake that hadmysteriously appeared and threatened to flood the IndianSutlej river valley. Upon reaching the area, however, theyfound that the lake had mysteriously disappeared. Chatterjeesuggests that the extraterrestrials melted a glacier to formthe lake in order to keep the Chinese tanks from reachingthe border.

A UFO Roundup correspondent in India, Krishnari BaiDharapurnanda, reports that according to the Indian SpaceResearch Organization the extraterrestrials are constructinga fortress in the Himalayas for an unknown purpose andwished to keep Chinese tanks from the border.

Offering another explanation of the increased military andUFO presence in the Tarai region, Chinese UFO Roundupcorrespondent Chen Jilin reported a rumor thatExtraterrestrials are in cooperation with the ChineseCommunist Party and New Delhi to fend off an attack fromAmericans or Israelis.

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