The Iraqi newspaper Sada Al Watan says a unit of the U.S. Fourth Infantry Division captured Saddam Hussein, his son Qusay and his secretary Abid Hamid Mahmoud Tikriti in a farmhouse in Tikrit earlier this week, but U.S. Central Command only admits capturing the secretary. The newspaper says they were flown to an unknown destination for interrogation.

The Al Ra Al Aam newspaper in Kuwait quoted a U.S. official as saying that the U.S. wouldn’t have been able to keep Saddam’s capture a secret. Iraqi opposition sources say Saddam’s older son Uday has contacted the U.S. regarding terms of his surrender.

The reason for keeping Saddam’s capture a secret would be to prevent a rampage by his loyalist fighters. It should be noted that soldiers loyal to Saddam have killed a large number of U.S. soldiers recently.

American intelligence denies having captured Saddam and Qusay, but says that intercepted communications show that both are still alive and still in Iraq. Gen. Richard B. Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, says, “Probably the majority opinion is that he is alive.” The British defense secretary, Geoff Hoon, says, “My judgment and the judgment of the coalition remains that he is almost certainly still in Iraq.”

Why doesn’t the mainstream media tell us this? News–and power–seems to be concentrated in the hands of just a few people.

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