The United States will launch its attack on Iraq by November 30, according to Israeli military sources, quoted in the Israeli newspaper Maariv. A U.S. military delegation revealed the plans in briefings with Israeli and Jordanian military officers. One American officer said, “President Bush has decided this time to kill Saddam Hussein, not like in the Gulf War, when his father didn’t succeed in doing it.”

Two U.S. generals said they are planning for an attack that will last several weeks, and begin with a ?massive attack from the air and from the sea.? The war won?t end until Saddam is ousted. In preparation for the attack, senior American officers have been inspecting U.S. ammunition and spare-parts depots in Israel. The Bush administration will pick the exact date “during the next month.”

“One should expect President Bush will discuss this issue in his speech to the UN General Assembly on Sept. 12,” the news story says. The attack is likely to take place sometime after the November elections and the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which ends December 3rd. This would also allow U.S. forces to operate in cooler weather conditions in the Iraqi desert.

A U.S. officer said, “Israel will be in the picture, will be updated and will get early warnings. We will make an effort to see that Iraq will not attack Israel. We will try to get as soon as possible to their [Scud] launchers.”

Israel has been warned that Saddam has hidden launchers that are capable of striking Israel with Scuds carrying chemical warheads. The head of the Israeli air force, Zeev Schiff, has warned Iraq that Israel won’t show the restraint it did during the Gulf War, when Iraq fired Scud missiles at Israeli cities. This time, he says, they’ll use nuclear retaliation and if they do, it will eradicate Iraq as a country.

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