Sixty-eight young Iranians men and women have been arrested for using a website dating service. The operators of the website were also arrested. The Basij militia enforce Iran’s strict morality laws and often raid parties, but this is the first time they’ve acted against web users. Basij General Ahmad Rouzbehani says, “Some people were using an internet site to allow girls and boys to talk and arrange meetings in a place in north Tehran where they had illegal relations.” This can be a deadly activity for young Muslim women.

Only about 3% of the residents of Tehran have access to the internet. Most people use net cafes to go online, since there are very few internet service providers in Iran. Internet chat rooms provide a way for young people to talk freely about taboo subjects such as sex. Most people think that the Western hippies of the ’60s became the conservatives of today. When these young people grow up, will they rebel against the strict laws that confine them, or will they revert to the beliefs of their parents?

For now, they’ll have find out how to get The Gift so they can communicate psychically.

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