Egyptian Saif al-Adel has become the new international leader of al-Qaeda and is reviving the terrorist organization with new methods and relationships with Islamic terrorist networks worldwide. He’s been granted safe haven in Iran, although he’s high on the FBI most-wanted list and has a $25 million price on his head. His authority comes directly from Osama bin-Laden’s son Saad.

Adel replaces Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who was captured in Pakistan two months ago. Mohammed had the reputation of talking too much, which disrupted at least one planned al-Qaeda attack, but Adel has downsized the organization and instituted a policy of secrecy.

The new plan is for a small number of al-Qaeda operatives to subcontract their attacks out to other Islamic terrorist organizations and pay them according to their success and the number of people killed. It doesn’t cost much to pay off terrorists in poor countries in Asia and Africa.

Except for bin-Laden (who may have died from natural causes), and a few other members, the former top al-Qaeda operatives have been killed or captured. However, the Iran group has gained new initiative from the war in Iraq.

The CIA is aware of at least 500 al-Qaeda members who escaped from Afghanistan to Iran, but Iran has repeatedly assured the U.S. that most of them have either been expelled or placed under heavy restrictions. Now we know this isn’t true.

This is a problem for the U.S. because Iran cooperated with us during the Iraq war. It’s similar to the situation with Pakistan?they helped us during the war, yet the country harbors many al-Qaeda terrorists. We expect Iran to surrender the al-Qaeda terrorists connected to the recent suicide strikes in Saudi Arabia and have received assurances that Teheran will arrest and extradite them.

In a related development, many top Iraqi officials have escaped to Cuba, using French passports, which they either forged or obtained from the French government. This comes at a time when some members of congress have been hoping for improved relations with Cuba.

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