Scientists have been experimenting with invisibility for a long time, mostly on the quantum level. But now they’ve learned how to make large objects, which are visible to the naked eye, invisible as well. How do they do it?

With transparent "carpet cloaks" made from calcite crystals, that lie over the object to be hidden. They render covered objects invisible by bending light rays as they enter the cloak and then when they exit it, after they have bounced off the hidden object. The light is deviated in such a way that the rays seem to have been reflected directly from the ground underneath the object, as though the object was not there, something that will obviously be useful to the military!

In Nature News, Zeeya Merali quotes physicist Michal Lipson as saying, "One of the real worries about cloaking has been that people would only be able to cloak microsize objects, [but now] "we are close to cloaking objects that we are familiar with in every day life."

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