Both guests on Dreamland on Saturday night (May 12, 2001) made major revelations in their areas of interest. Our first guest, Terry Hansen, author of The Missing Times along with such authors as Richard Dolan, author of UFOs and the National Security State is a member of a new wave of UFO researchers who concentrate not on sighting reports, but work from officially confirmed reports to analyze the ways in which the US government seeks to discredit, deny and bury them.

Dean Wetmore is a private-sector Mars analyst who goes beyond the ultra-conservative work of Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientists to ask questions about what much of the Mars Global Surveyor imagery that they won’t deal with actually means. He revealed a whole new vision of Mars as a place of scientific wonder, and made a startling revelation about the Mars Orbiter mission that supposedly failed in 1993 before it enter Mars orbit.

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