Here on, we report regularly on the epidemic of autism in children and the scientists who are trying to find out the cause of this heartbreaking condition. We recently reported a devastating story about researchers who say this is a condition caused by the genetic susceptibility of some children to heavy metal pollution. This could be virtually eliminated in the US by putting catalytic converters on all automobiles and scrubbers on all power plants?things the Bush administration refuses to do. The heavy metal mercury is commonly used as a preservative in children?s vaccines. Due to their worries about this, some parents are no longer having their children vaccinated against basic childhood diseases. One result of this boycott is that the common childhood disease whooping cough is now reappearing in Texas, among adults as well as children. Defenders of using mercury as a preservative in vaccines say that autism isn’t caused by mercury, it merely arises in children around the same age that they receive their vaccinations. In our currentInsight, we reprint a devastating article by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. that proves this simply isn’t true.

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