Indian tribes in North Dakota and Pennsylvania are familiar with Bigfoot. Paul Danks, administrator for the Three Affiliated Tribes, is tracking Bigfoot sightings on a map. And along with deer and other wild critters, Bigfoot has been seen roaming the suburbs of Bucks County.

Eloise Ogden writes in the Minot (North Dakota) Daily News that Bigfoot has been seen recently on the Fort Berthold Reservation. Danks says, “There were several reports. They started?Feb. 22. People south of New Town said they’d seen basically, I guess?Bigfoot.”

Glenda Embry, who is in charge of tribal public affairs, says a local resident described one incident. “She said all the kids were playing outside in the trailer court and they were the ones that first saw it. They (the children) all started screaming so she came outside but by the time she got outside, they had scared it. She said it was walking away. She said it was huge. She said, ‘I don’t know how big it was but it just pushed through those trees like you’re going through bushes and it was moving fast.'”

On Feb. 24, two area men were driving on Highway 22 when they saw a Bigfoot-type creature walking on the road. It went into the ditch by the side of the road, and continued walking there. Another vehicle on the road also stopped when it saw the creature, but quickly left, the men reported. They found footprints that showed it had “almost 5-foot strides.” Dennis Fox Jr., of the tribes’ Independence Program, tried to take pictures of the tracks, but the snow they were in had begun to melt by the time he got there.

Phyllis Lincoln remembers seeing a Bigfoot in the area when she was 17 years old. She says, “I can remember it like it was yesterday. It was scary.” She and her three sisters were driving their dad’s truck, on their way home late from a movie. “When we pulled over to the side of the road, the thing sat up. And when it sat up, it stood up. It was really tall,” Lincoln says. It must have been resting or lying in the ditch next to the road.

“We thought, ‘what the heck was that?’ We turned to look and when it stood up it…about 8 feet tall. It didn’t look at us or anything, but I remember the color of it was like kind of a mouse-colored?grayish. It had real long hair. It took one, two, three steps and it cleared a fence, like the fence was about 3-feet high to it,” Lincoln says. When they returned home, their grandfather told them that Bigfoot had been in the area for years, but had never hurt anyone.

In 1977, there was a series of Bigfoot sightings in the Little Eagle and McLaughlin areas in South Dakota. In 1962, two hunters were stalked by “a great ape” near Minot. When the creature began to move towards them, they ran off.

J.D. Mullane writes in the Bucks County Courier Times that Bigfoot is roaming the suburbs of Pennsylvania, as well as tribal areas.

Hunter Stuart Caesar saw one in Levittown in Bucks County. He and his girlfriend discovered 16-inch-wide Bigfoot tracks while her daughter was sledding. He followed the tracks through a barbed-wire fence and down to a small creek, where he took pictures of them. He says, “There were toe markings?the tracks were smooth, indicating a heel and ball of a foot.”

He’s heard Bigfoot too, and says, “Deer and elk make a bellowing noise. I know what that sounds like. But this is a scream. It’s definitely not an animal. If it is human, what is someone doing in the middle of a mountain, screaming?

“I’ll see stick stackings against trees. I’ll see branches broken off eight or nine feet in the air, cleanly snapped. I’ve always wondered what is causing this.”

Wild animals that kept to the forest until recently are now being seen in the suburbs, pushed out of the wilderness by development. Caesar says, “It’s a change in weather patterns that’s causing these animals to search for food. I figure it’s the same with Bigfoot.

“Why would a deer be in Levittown? Why would a bear be in Levittown? If you live in a location where deer and bear can appear, it’s food migration.

“Indians believed in Bigfoot. They considered him a spirit of the forest. They considered him to be a spiritual creature, and many Indian tribes still hold true to the story. They would leave him food and he would give them firewood in return, stacking it against trees.”

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