KTUV.com reports that scientists at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory have discovered new evidence about who assassinated President John F. Kennedy. They says that chemical “fingerprints” on the bullets that killed the president and wounded then Texas Governor John Connally may have been misinterpreted by the original researchers and that the government’s single gunman theory is now untenable. This goes along with other new evidence that we reported about earlier.

For this, and the earlier, investigation, scientists used five bullet fragments that were recovered from the limousine, Connally’s body, the president’s brain and from a stretcher. Earlier tests were inconclusive, suggesting that the fragments came from only two bullets, one of which was fired from Lee Harvey Oswald?s gun. But the new Lawrence Livermore tests came up with a definite result. Metallurgist Erik Randich says, “There could have been two bullets, but the lead composition data shows there could be anywhere from one to five bullets,” meaning that JFK could have been killed by a barrage of bullets, from gunmen stationed in different areas. Oswald could have been a convenient scapegoat, who was even more conveniently murdered by Jack Ruby.

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