A couple walking in the Netherlands on the afternoon of October 26 near the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope (WSRT) took some photos. When they looked at them later, the man noticed he had photographed a UFO. He says, “?I was determined to get a good image of the Radio Telescope?Only when I looked at the pictures yesterday, I noticed that there was ‘something strange’ on it.” The WSRT is located in a park near the village of Westerbork and does astronomical research. One of its uses has been to locate hydrogen in nearby galaxies. NASA asked Westerbork to search for the missing Mars Polar Lander.

Exactly a year ago, we wrote about the Chilbolton crop circles, intricately woven patterns containing a message and a ET “face” which were found near a radio telescope in English crop circle country. These formations seemed to be a form of communication, a “reply” to a question we sent out into space long ago. Whoever made them had enough scientific knowledge to be able to subtly alter the binary code so that the formation answered some of the questions we asked.

Are UFOs real and do UFOs and crop circles have something to do with each other? It all seems mysterious now, but with the painstaking research of people like Dreamland’s Linda Howe, who has actually seen UFOs flying above crop circles, we’ll someday have the answers. Don’t miss Linda’s reports every week on Dreamland!

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