Update: Huge Fireball Crossed Sweden Saturday. – On Friday the 13th at around 10PM US eastern time, sonicbooms were heard across Kentucky, windows trembled andbuildings shook, and green fireballs exploded over thestate. Hours before in Italy, three fireballs were recordedby astronomers. One, captured on video, was ten timesbrighter than the full moon, and has sparked a scientificmeteorite hunt because of its size. Then, on Sunday at 11AM,a fireball so bright that it could be seen easily in directsunlight shot across Austin, Texas, startling hundreds ofpeople running the Austin Marathon with a resounding sonicboom.

Initially, it was thought that the wave of fireballs mightbe from the recent collision between a US Iridium satelliteand a defunct Russian spy satellite on February 10, but NASAastronomer Bill Cook of the Meteor Environment Office saysthat the Kentucky object was definitely a meteor, and USSpace Command, which is monitoring the debris from thesatellite collision, says that none of it has as yetre-entered the atmosphere.

Meteors strike earth every day, and many involve fireballs.Most hit over the oceans and are not seen. On rareoccasions, there have been ‘fireball storms,’ but it is notknown whether or not this will turn into one. We’ll bewatching the skies.

…And we’ll be reporting on fireball storms, hurricanes and tornadoes and media storms too! This depth of reporting is why our website and wonderful Dreamland shows have become so popular! Despite having no advertising on other media, we have 60% more readers and listeners than we did a year ago?through word-of-mouth alone. Now if only more of you would support us, there’s a chance we might still be here tomorrow!

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