We recently wrote about how some people taste their words. The French, however, are concerned that diners no longer adequately taste their food, so they have invented a restaurant in which patron eat in the dark, in order to block out all the other distracting senses, where complete strangers share the same table, where they don’t know what they will be served, except that it will be delivered by blind waiters.

Dans le Noir (In the Dark), a restaurant located in the fashionable Marais district of Paris, has been a huge success ever since it opened two years ago. In France24.com, Elizabeth Tchoungui writes, “Before entering the dark void, one is greeted in a brightly lit bar where diners are asked to lock up all their belongings including digital watches and their mobiles. Customers wait as their names are called out: ‘Mohamed and Julie, you both are on Elizabeth’s table.’ I don’t know either of them!”

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

You have to be hungry to enjoy eating in the dark: Is it witchcraft, is it science or is it magic? Maybe it’s a special form of healing. But just like this web site, it’s always a fascinating experience! Make sure we’ll be here for you tomorrow: subscribe today!

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