Halliburton is the company associated with Vice-President Dick Cheney that has profited highly in Iraq. An UN audit has recommended the U.S. repay $208 million to Iraq for work done by a Halliburton subsidiary. Now it?s been discovered that Halliburton has hired hundreds of undocumented South American immigrants to clean up after Katrina. Halliburton insists that this is not illegal, but it does seem unethical, given the government’s pledge to keep illegals from crossing our borders.

Roberto Lovato writes in salon.com that subcontractors for Halliburton are traveling to border towns, where illegals who have crossed from Mexican and other parts of South and Central America often congregate in designated areas, where they can be hired on the spot for day labor. Halliburton is doing the same thing, but they are transporting them to New Orleans and to other hurricane-ravaged areas to work on the clean up. They are given no housing, but must sleep outside in the parks, and are probably paid low wages in cash. One of their main jobs is cleaning up military bases.

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