Why do some people seem so calm, even though they may really be frightened, while others fidget constantly, whether they are nervous or not? Some brains may be wired to encourage fidgeting and other restless behaviors, and fidgeting isn’t all bad?it uses up calories and helps control your weight.

A recent study found that the brains of rats that were bred to be lean are more sensitive to a chemical produced in the brain called orexin A, which stimulates appetite and spontaneous physical activity such as fidgeting and other unconscious movements. Researcher Catherine M. Kotz says, “The results point to a biological basis for being a couch potato.” Now if only scientists could figure out a way to make OUR brains more sensitive to this chemical! (Note: This book is part of our big blowout summer sale).

But whether you have lean genes or fat ones, you can start with movement. Kotz says, “Many people focus on diet, but it may be more feasible for some people to stand or move more throughout the day” as a way to control their weight.

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