The administration has thrown out hints that we’d like to invade Iran, which harbors many of the terrorists we chased out of Afghanistan and Iraq, but we can’t afford to extend our military any farther. Now Israel says they may do the job and destroy Iran’s suspected nuclear weapons program.

Israel is alarmed by the failure of the international community to move against Iran. Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom says, “Iran is fast approaching the point of no return in its efforts to acquire nuclear weapons capability. It’s urgent that the international community act to ensure that this nightmare scenario is prevented.”

Last week, the U.S. rejected an Israeli assessment that Iran could build its first nuclear weapons by the end of 2004. Britain, Germany and France have offered to share nuclear technology with Iran if they agree to tougher nuclear inspections.

Israeli officials say they now have greater deep-strike air capability than they did when they destroyed the Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981. Israel’s Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Moshe Ya’alon says, “At the moment there is continuing international diplomatic activity to deal with this threat, and it would be good if it succeeds. But if that is not the case we would consider our options.”

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