Another block of ice fell from the sky in Santa Cruz, California. The last one crashed through the ceiling of a child’s bedroom, but this one crashed through the roof of a boat while the owner was inside. Ray Erickson was talking on the phone inside his 40-foot Chris Craft boat around 6:30 p.m., when he hear a loud crash. “All of a sudden, bam!?there was a loud, loud noise,” he says. “I couldn’t figure out what was happening. The person I was talking to on the phone suggested I was hit by a hunk of ice similar to the one that hit that house in Santa Cruz recently.”

When he searched the boat, he found a round chunk of ice about four or five inches in diameter. Then he said he noticed pieces of Plexiglas on the floor and saw an 8 inch hole in his skylight. He put the ice in a plastic bag and saved it in his freezer.

Unknowncountry is the only source of information on this subject, since we have ascertained that these ice blocks are not coming from airplanes but are connected with global warming. Since the lower atmosphere has become warmer, the stratosphere is now colder, causing the tops of clouds to freeze and fall to Earth as blocks of ice. As global warming continues, this phenomenon will spread.

Find out the facts about how global warming will change our future.

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