Hybrid automobiles can be made even more environmentally friendly by the addition of solar cells. Environmentalist Steven Letendre says, “If the 200 million cars in the United States had 500 watts of solar cells integrated into their body panels, it would represent roughly one-seventh of the total installed generating capacity in the United States.” While it’s doubtful that people will embed solar cells in the bodies of their older cars, new hybrid automobiles could be manufactured this way.

This would add about $1,500 to the cost of a new Prius and would be put into panels on the hood, roof and trunk, and ?would allow a hybrid vehicle to be partially powered using solar energy,” says Letendre. Hybrid cars use both an internal combustion engine and an electric motor to power the vehicle.

This would be a better option than fighting a war in Iraq in order to secure affordable oil for the future.

Hydrogen-powered cars may never be viable, because the hydrogen molecule is so small that it escapes from the gas tank. It’s also highly flammable, which is another danger. But a hybrid with solar cells could be the green car of the future.

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