Japanese officials admit that UFOs exist, and now they’re going hunting for aliens.

Astronomers around the world are beginning to wonder about the radio silence of the universe. If radio emitting civilizations are at least somewhat common, some are beginning to think that we should have heard something by now. But, so far, no signal has been picked up that can be definitively identified as non-natural in origin. Now Japanese astronomers are trying a new approach.

In Reuters, Yoko Kubota quotes astronomer Shinya Narusawa as saying, “When there are some suspicious signals, sometimes it’s hard to tell whether they are artificial ones coming from the earth, for example from machines, or whether they are coming from the stars in the natural world.” But instead of waiting for radio signals to arrive, Japanese astronomers now plan to ask a large number of astronomers to all observe a the same star over several nights, looking for unusual lights and radio signals.

Kubota quotes Narusawa as saying, “Everyone wonders at least once in their lifetime whether space is infinite and whether aliens really do exist.”

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