Hurricane force winds are expected to strike from PortO’Connor, Texas to Morgan City, Louisana tomorrow morning,but Hurricane Rita is not at this time gaining energy. It isnow a Category 3 hurricane with winds up to 125 MPH and maywell weaken more over the next 24 hours before it makeslandfall. Nevertheless, it is still classed as a dangeroushurricane and there is a remote possibility that it couldstrengthen suddenly just before it comes ashore.

Tropical storm warnings have been posted from Port Aransas,Texas to the New Orleans area, and areas of New Orleans arereflooding due to the fragile condition of temporarilyrepaired levees.

Vast numbers of cars remain stranded on highways leading outof Houston because FEMA ordered a mass evacuation of thecity, over the protests of the mayor, who wanted a far saferand more effective phased evacuation.

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