Award winning science reporter Linda Moulton Howe hasproduced by far the world’s best story on the slowing of theGulf Stream, why it is happening and its consequences.

Aside from a few brief stories in the European press, themedia has all but ignored the single most importantenvironmental story in history. But Linda Howe offers atEarthfiles.coma thorough explanation of what is happening, an interviewwith the scientist who discovered the problem, and clearanswers about what might happen next.

Howe reports, “for the first time, Cambridge UniversityPhysicist, Peter Wadhams, has discovered that a dozen coldwater columns in the Greenland Sea have nearly disappeared.Prof. Wadhams is also head of the Cambridge Polar OceanPhysics Group. He reported last week in Vienna at theEuropean Geosciences Union meeting about his field researchin the Greenland Sea. With a changing, slowing thermohalinecirculation, Great Britain and parts of Europe will becomecolder over this century as the rest of the planet gets warmer.”

Howe, using charts and illustrations, goes on to explainjust what is happening and why. To understand this importantevent, her story is essential reading.

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